Family Mediation Week
January 17, 2023

Family Mediation Week

This year’s Family Mediation Week runs from 16 January to 20 January and aims to raise awareness of family mediation and the benefits it can bring to separating families.

As family solicitors we are very supportive of family mediation and work closely with mediators to help separating couples achieve positive outcomes as quickly as possible so that any negative impact on children and families is minimised.

When successful, mediation can help couples to reach agreement and avoid protracted legal proceedings.

It can be beneficial to receive legal advice alongside mediation so that your solicitor can work with you, explain what to expect, highlight the key things to bear in mind and be on hand to ensure any agreements reached are made legally binding.

Couples are expected to consider mediation before taking a case to family court, except in certain circumstances, for example, involving domestic violence or child abuse. Your solicitor can look at your situation and advise you on the appropriateness of mediation and the best way to approach it.

During Family Mediation Week the Family Mediation Council is running webinars and publishing resources, information and blog posts to provide people with more information about what is involved in mediation.

As family courts continue to experience significant demand, there is certainly merit in exploring ways to avoid animosity and facilitate a smooth and swift separation where possible.

You will still need a solicitor to legally bring your situation with your ex-partner to a full and final conclusion but if that can be done through cooperation, agreement will almost certainly be reached more quickly.

If you are separating from your partner and are considering mediation, you can either self-refer to a mediation provider or arrange a consultation with an experienced family solicitor to help you assess your options and decide the best way forward.

To arrange an initial fixed fee appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phoning our Altrincham solicitors on 0161 929 8446, our Stoke-on-Trent solicitors on 01782 205000 or our Birmingham solicitors on 0121 526 3025. Alternatively, you can email

We offer two types of initial family appointment: a standard fixed fee consultation charged at £100+vat for one hour, or a detailed Beswicks Overview appointment costing £250+vat. The Overview appointment includes a written summary of the advice given and options available to resolve your family matter.