Promotions for Sophie Ellis, Emma Millington, Daniel Rushton, Jaeda Moayedi-Azarpour, Laura Franklin
July 4, 2022

Five new promotions announced

We are pleased to announce five new promotions involving key members of the Beswicks‘ team.

Emma Millington (residential property) and Daniel Rushton (family) become Partners.

Laura Franklin (employment) has been promoted to Senior Associate.

While Sophie Ellis (residential property) and Jaeda Moayedi-Azarpour (residential property) have both been promoted to Associates.

Beswicks Legal Managing Partner Nick Phillips said: “I’m delighted to announce these promotions. At Beswicks we strongly believe in offering an exciting career path with progression opportunities for talented solicitors who are highly regarded by clients.

“It is immensely satisfying to see Emma, Dan, Laura, Sophie and Jaeda succeed and progress. My congratulations go to them all.”

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