December 1, 2021

New free parenting guide offered to separating families

The family team at Beswicks Legal incorporating Maddocks Clarke is offering families a free parenting guide to help them put their children first during divorce and separation.

The Parenting Through Separation Guide has been written by family professionals and its launch coincides with Good Divorce Week which runs from 29 November to 3 December and is run by national family justice organisation Resolution.

Our’ experienced family solicitors in both our Altrincham and Stoke-on-Trent offices are joining other Resolution members to launch the Parenting Through Separation Guide which contains advice about how to co-parent with a former partner, background on the common disputes that arise between separating parents, and how to talk to children about the painful topic of divorce or separation, as well as stories from parents who have been through the process.

Family law partner Sarah Jones said: “We know that the pandemic has put huge pressure on families and even more so on those who are separating. Every parent wants to put their children’s interests front and centre, but all too often they don’t know where to turn for help and aren’t given the support they need to do this.

“It’s important for parents to have access to good, authoritative and professional advice that helps them to parent responsibly through their separation. We hope all separating parents will use the Parenting Through Separation Guide, to help them find a better way forward for them, and for their children.”

She added: “All of the family solicitors at Beswicks are members of Resolution which means that we promote a non-confrontational approach to resolving family difficulties and encourage solutions that consider the best interests of the whole family. Divorce and separation is enormously emotive for everyone involved and there are bound to be issues that cause disagreement, but if we can work through those in a constructive way, the benefits for all parties and, crucially, any children that might be involved are huge.”

Juliet Harvey, national chair of Resolution, said: I’m really pleased to have the support of Beswicks Legal incorporating Maddocks Clarke during Good Divorce Week. Resolution members like them do really important work in their communities to help families separate in a constructive and amicable way. The more families who know about and use the free Parenting Through Separation Guide, the better equipped they will be to navigate the challenges divorce and separation bring, particularly when it comes to putting children first.”

The guide can be found here. 

Here’s an extract of advice contained within the guide:

Top tips for discussing divorce with your children

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