Visa Application
November 18, 2021

International Sportsperson visa

The Government has announced further changes in an effort to streamline and clarify the Immigration Rules in certain areas.

In sport we will have the new International Sportsperson visa route to replace the T2 and T5 Temporary Worker routes for professional sportspeople with simplified, dedicated visa arrangements.

There’s no change in substance to the existing rules which offer visas for sports people coming to the UK for 12 months or less but it will bring together the existing T2 and T5 routes into one category, making it easier for professional sportspeople and their sponsors to access.

The new procedure will still require an endorsement from a Sports Governing Body and a Certificate of Sponsorship from a club. The route is points-based to bring it in line with the points-based system and there is a requirement to demonstrate English language ability for those who apply for a stay that exceeds 12 months.

For advice about the new International Sportsperson visa or any other sports law matter, please email or phone 0161 929 8494.